The red of the island – Prince Edward Island

I dug in some old photos taken on a vacation. These were taken a few years ago on Prince-Edward Island with my Iron Man red Nikon Coolpix L810.

Three things come to minds when we say Prince-Edward Island, bobsleigh brakewoman Heather Moyse, potatoes and the red soil of the island. I have PEI potatoes at home, still running after Heather Moyse for her photo and here some pictures of the island red soil.

My welcome on the island, a light house and the red soil


It is impressive to see how much soil is washed away with each tide


Red beach



6 thoughts on “The red of the island – Prince Edward Island

    1. I even had the chance to visit one while I was there, those lighthouse are loosing their battle over time and are disapearing one by one around here


    1. in fact they are lovely and the one on the first picture was actually the first real one I could se with my eyes. After we got off the ferry, first thing we did on the island was to visit a lighthouse


    1. When you live in a place where the dirt form soil is brown, I was very surprise to see that reddish color and it does make some beautiful scenic photo


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