Grand Prix Cycliste Gatineau

Today there was the first day of the Grand Prix Cycliste of Gatineau, a bicycle race where many of the best North-American women cyclists are present on the start line. Since I love bicycle more than photography, it’s the annual mass that I cannot miss. Today was the time trial where the ladies competed against the clock.

It was the first time that I was shooting subjects that are coming at me fast. I learned that the cyclist were faster than my autofocus. By the time the autofocus made its adjustment, the cyclist was closer so many of the photos were I tried to get a close-up were out of focus. Lesson learned.

Lex Albrecht



Stephanie Roorda



Patricia Schwager



2 thoughts on “Grand Prix Cycliste Gatineau

  1. On dirait qu’il a une moustache avec le bande noir sur sa visière 😉
    Bel instant capturé le départ du contre la montre, et belle image.
    Bon week end Nelson


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