Street portraits

Two of these photos were made with the new technique that I learned in a short video of John Free on You Tube, the 20 degrees rule, when you want to take a photo of a stanger on the street, you do not aim directly at the person with you camera. You aim 20 degrees off him, make your focus, watch him with one eye and when you think it’s the right moment you put your camera on the subject and press the button.Sportrait 1

Same thing here, I was aiming at flowers just beside her and at the last moment a small move to my right and …….. photo

Sportrait 2

These two women were French tourists who just landed in Ottawa. They were having fun at taking some photos in front of the US Embassy. As I passed beside them, they saw my camera and asked me if I could take a photo of them with their Blackberry, of course I did.

Sportrait 3


9 thoughts on “Street portraits

    1. I think he is a wise man, in a 3 minutes video he taught me two things, the 20 degrees angle for a shot and that if I do not think a shot will be good, do not take it, try to find something good instead of going for too many photos and scrap those once you are on your computer


      1. I have the same problem, too many photos on my computer and I do not know what to do with those, I guess it’s something that comes with the digital, if I was paying for each photo like in the old days, I would probably have less


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