Ottawa Marathon

Another early wake up for me to take some photos, this time at the Ottawa Marathon. Although those runners put a lot of efforts in finishing this 42.2 km race ( I know I did one marathon in my life), marathon do not offer the same action photos as other sports but it’s always interesting to experience something new with photography. And if you want to improve at something, you need to practice.

Thumb up

DSC_0077_729 -2

First women at 25 km

DSC_0053_705 -1


This gentleman was running on a 3 hours basis, and his suit was probably slowing him down ………. so yes he impressed me

DSC_0168_820 -1

Wannabe Batman

DSC_0231_883 -1

Pit stop for a runner

DSC_0209_861 -1

Supporters cheering

DSC_0274_926 -1

Runner in his bubble

DSC_0100_752 -1


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