Canadian Tulips Festival

Each spring we have a tulips festival in Ottawa, this year Mother Nature was a little shy with spring and we had to wait a little more than usual for the warm air, results, tulips were at least 10 days late but in full blooming almost at the same time this week-end.

I am not really flowers when it comes to photography but I had to give a try and the colors are so beautiful. Saturday morning, woke up early to get there before the crowd and take advantage of the morning lights to take some shots at those beautiful flowers an this orgy of colors. A lot of tulips and also a lot of photographers.

Tulips e

Tulips dTulips c

Tulips b

Tulips a


12 thoughts on “Canadian Tulips Festival

  1. As I have told Mike Fiveson many times this past spring, I hate flower shots. What I didn’t explain is that it’s probably because I went to a tulip show last year and was unable to get even one usable photo of the event! Nice work (he said grudgingly).


    1. I do not necessarily like flower shots but what I liked about these was the carpet of colors created that they created with the tulip’s garden. I also tried to use the sun that was not at its peak. it was the first time I was shooting at flowers, I like because of the colors and for the colors, I am not sure that would have been the same with less colorful plants or flowers


  2. You should have tried to capture a moment with the tulips and Dow’s Lake, unbelievable weather today !


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