Street movements

Trying something new in photography does not necessarily mean good results the first time. I love street photography, unfortunately for me I am a little shy and not really in my comfort zone at taking photos of strangers on the street. Pointing your lens at someone also does provoke some strong reaction and sometime you get the WTF look. So I try a new technique which I read in a book. I put my cam on autofocus, put the strap of the cam around my neck, hold it about my mid torso and slowly walk. When someone interesting comes in my direction, I press the button. My first try was not a complete success but I took some interesting shots. I definitely need to put a faster shutter speed next time, 1/125 s is really too slow to take those photos considering all the movement and vibration my cam gets from my walking. I will also have to wait until they are a little closer to me or a longer focal lenght on the lens.

009 -1

Spoons suspended from a tree, it does play music on windy day

X-020 -1

037 -1

yes I was aiming at someone, I was way off but still028 -1

002 -1

039 -1


11 thoughts on “Street movements

  1. Je pense que la photo de rue, c’est cela, être le plus discret possible pour shooter les expressions ou attitudes des gens. Je n’ai jamais essayé, sauf des amoureux sur un banc mais je prends mon 120-400mm pour ne pas être remarqué 🙂


    1. J’ai déjà essayé avec mon 70-300 mm pour de la photographie de rue et ça fonctionne très bien pour les sujet de loin sauf que lorsque tu arrives près des gens, ils n’apprécient pas de se faire “observer” de la sorte avec un canon. Même avec un 50 mm en marchant sur le trottoir si tu les prends en photo de la façon standard, plusieurs n’apprécient pas ….. il faut vraiement y aller avec la discrétion


  2. Practice is the key. If you use the autofocus technique, make you you’re using face recognition, otherwise you’ll get wildly erratic results. It’s why I prefer manual focus.


  3. This is a great idea. I am the same as you, shy, not willing to go up to a stranger and ask to take their photo. I might try this one day! These are some great shots!


  4. what a great post!! I’ve tried this technique a couple of times, I have only shots like your fourth one, the one with the traffic lights… and mine were not that well focused… lol 🙂 It’s great you are recording your steps and progress in street photography in this way… it will be interesting to compare after a while 🙂


    1. you definitly have to choose the autofocus option on your camera because even with the option “on”, some photos were out of focus


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