Day of honour

This the second post this week that I have done on the commemoration for the veterans but this year the Canadian government decided to create a commemoration day for those who served in the war in Afghanistan and to mark the end of the Canadian presence there. With this commemoration comes a military parade and since it’s the first time this will be held, I am sure that our government will want to make a big splash with it and also try to divert attention of the TV camera from the mistakes they made in the creation of this journey.

So I skipped lunch and was downtown Ottawa for 12:30, battery fully charged, camera set a fast shutter speed and waiting for the bagpipes…. and they came

040 -2The reporter running after some tank noise

X-056 -1

The medals

X-096 -1

Remembering the sacrifice

X-104 -1

The fly pass

X-111 -1Texting

X-116 -1



3 thoughts on “Day of honour

    1. I thought it was somehow weird to see a TV reporter dressed like she was running after tank with her microphone in the air running after noise for her 6:00 pm news report


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