May 8th, 1945 – 69 years later

May 8th marks Victory Day in Europe, the day when the World War II, humanity bloodiest conflict, came to a halt in Europe after almost 6 years of Nazi domination.

Many Canadians fought in Europe, some pay the ultimate price with their life but most came back to Canada. I made a quick stop at the military section of Beechwood Cemetery in Ottawa to catch a few photos of gravestones of men and women who served their country during that conflict.








7 thoughts on “May 8th, 1945 – 69 years later

  1. C’est très bien réalisé, j’aime beaucoup les images avec désat partielles! De belle pdc courtes, un bel hommage!


    1. Merci ….. Je voulais faire toutes ces photos en N/B sauf celle avec les fleurs blanches puis quand j’ai vu le bouquet sur le sol de la première photo avec toutes les pierres tombales de dos, j’ai dit celle-là aussi je laisse les fleurs en couleurs et c’est ma préférée

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    1. I love working with the DOF but I have to say I need some practice because it’s a hard technique to master and you need to know your lenses well to reach the results you want …. thanks for stopping by


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