2014 Scotties Tournament of Hearts

Curling is very popular in English Canada but not so much in Quebec. In 2014, the women canadian championship (Scotties Tournament of Hearts) was held at the Maurice-Richard Arena in Montreal. This was the occasion to buy some tickets and watch in action the best women curlers of Canada (and probably in the world). I was there on the opening week-end.

I also jumped on the occasion to take some photos. It was my first that I was taking photos at a sporting event and also my first time with my 70-300 mm lens. I was very green, I had no idea about the shutter speed to use but luckily for me, curling is a slow sport and the event was televised so the lighting conditions in the arena were great. This was definitely a learning experience for me with some mixed results.

The unfortunate thing about taking photos at a sporting event, when you are taking photos, you miss all the action that is not in the camera visor, which means a lot. I missed some of the best shots of the week-end just because I had my eye somewhere.

So, what’s next?


Kristin McDonald from Team Carey (Manitoba) and soon-to-be-mom at the time sliding with style


Rocking the sponsor


No one was brushing as hard as Joanne Courtney from Team Sweeting (Alberta)


A classic at curling “Hard, Hard”


2013 and 2014 Team Canada skip, Rachel Homan and 2014 World Champion silver medalist


Street portraits

Two of these photos were made with the new technique that I learned in a short video of John Free on You Tube, the 20 degrees rule, when you want to take a photo of a stanger on the street, you do not aim directly at the person with you camera. You aim 20 degrees off him, make your focus, watch him with one eye and when you think it’s the right moment you put your camera on the subject and press the button.Sportrait 1

Same thing here, I was aiming at flowers just beside her and at the last moment a small move to my right and …….. photo

Sportrait 2

These two women were French tourists who just landed in Ottawa. They were having fun at taking some photos in front of the US Embassy. As I passed beside them, they saw my camera and asked me if I could take a photo of them with their Blackberry, of course I did.

Sportrait 3

Deschenes Rapids

These photos were a try at long exposure with flowing water at sunset. They were taken with my Nikon 18-55 mm lens with a ND 8 filter at F32, ISO 100. I did try to take shots during daytime but my filter let too much light through to give the “silky” finish to the water.

The length of these exposures vary from 1,3 second to 5 seconds for the photos taken in the shadow. I think it does give the special finish to the water but in order for me to get longer exposure or have this type of photo taken in broad day light, I definitely need a ND filter with higher number.

Something that these photos do not bring and did impress me is the raging sound of the water. I shall go back later this summer and compare the level of water in July. I would not be surprise if I could walk on the river bed.

Raging river 1Raging river 2a

Raging river 3

Ottawa Marathon

Another early wake up for me to take some photos, this time at the Ottawa Marathon. Although those runners put a lot of efforts in finishing this 42.2 km race ( I know I did one marathon in my life), marathon do not offer the same action photos as other sports but it’s always interesting to experience something new with photography. And if you want to improve at something, you need to practice.

Thumb up

DSC_0077_729 -2

First women at 25 km

DSC_0053_705 -1


This gentleman was running on a 3 hours basis, and his suit was probably slowing him down ………. so yes he impressed me

DSC_0168_820 -1

Wannabe Batman

DSC_0231_883 -1

Pit stop for a runner

DSC_0209_861 -1

Supporters cheering

DSC_0274_926 -1

Runner in his bubble

DSC_0100_752 -1