Take a kayak

Since my last encounter with a kayaker, he told me that a lot of kayakers train at Bate Island on the Ottawa River. With the spring season being on full throttle, the flow of the river is ideal for kayakers. Knowing Bates Island, it’s really easy to get there and find a good spot to take some photos of those hydro daredevils in action. I was right, they were just a few feet from me. The water conditions were so good (from my point of view) that they were literally lining up to take their turn in the waves created by the river.

I think that for photos like that you really need to zoom in on the subject as he/she becomes the center of attention. They were taken with my Nikon 70-300 mm, ISO 400 with a speed shutter of 1/500 s, I really wanted to “freeze” the moment with no blurred effect.


She was the youngest kayaker that day, in her early teens, but she was paddling like a tigress fighting for her cubs





yes he was upside down


He popped out of the water like a missile launched from a submarine




4 thoughts on “Take a kayak

  1. Une série très dynamique, bien captée, le mouvement figé, on imagine la difficulté 🙂


    1. sur les 700 photos prises cette journée là, à peine 100 sont correctes. Les autres sont soient un sujet mal cadré parce que trop rapide et avec des mouvements imprévisibles ou un focus imparfait


      1. ah oui quand même, 700 mais je sais qu’il y a beaucoup de perte sur un sujet aussi sportif!


      2. pour les sports rapide je photographie en mode rafale et à 4 images à la seconde, ça monte vite un total de photos pour une séance d’à peine 60 minutes


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