The “golden hour”

The golden hour in photography is the 30 minutes before and after the sunrise or sunset. It is when you are supposed to catch the best light of the day for photography. Best light surely but it also means more difficult to get the right exposure. Although I have taken a lot of photos at sunset in the past (it is my favorite part of the day) this was actually the first time I went for a shoot with the intention of capturing this “special” light and also learning from my experience. I guess it is like the rest, I will need practice to get perfectly crisp or correctly exposed photos.

Teenagers watching the sunset

093 -1


081 -1


073 -1

The tower

041 -1



3 thoughts on “The “golden hour”

  1. I have just discovered your blog. These pictures are great ! I particularly appreciate the first 3 ones, for the composition and colors.


    1. Ces photos étaient un test malgré que les résultats sont corrects, les couchers de soleil comme probablement les levers sont plus difficiles à trouver la bonne exposition parce que la lumière directe fausse un peu la lecture de lumière de la caméra. Je vais y retourner bientôt pour faire d’autres essais avec d’autres ajustement de caméra


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