A few years ago our local church burned down, now only are ruins. I never visited that Church but I was told it was an architectural gem inside. I had promise myself to visit it one day but unfortunately fire paid a visit before me. In my archives I have only one picture of the church before the fire and now few of what’s left.

I had my 50 mm lens on my camera, no zoom there and the site was fenced limiting very much my shooting angles if I did not want any part of the fence in the photos. It was not possible for me to get too close of the ruins except for the front part where the fence is really close to what is used to be the main door.

The church before

Ruins 3

All that is left

Ruins 4

No more stained glass

Ruins 2

Rocks and walls

Ruins 1


6 thoughts on “Ruins

  1. Definitely a beautiful structure before. I also think the ruins are quite stunning, too, and very photogenic. It’s just unfortunate that this church had to meet such a terrible end.


    1. Especially with the snow covering partially the ruins, I find these esthetically attractive for my photographer eyes …. I am not sure the parishioner would agree with me I think they make good photos …… Thanks for stopping by


    1. When I got back to photography last fall, B/W photos was not really my cup of tea, but the more I am doing it, the more I want make certain type photos in B/W (portrait, old buildings) ………. Thanks for stopping by


  2. LOVE the last image!!! the stones in the foreground add to the composition somehow… it used to be an impressive building, judging by your first shot…


    1. The snow and the shadow definitely add something to the photo. I just passed in front of it earlier today and there is no snow left and it is definitely not the same ……….. Thanks for your comment


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