Street portraits # 4

Another try at refining my art of street portrait, I am not where I want to be but I am getting there, like they say Paris was not built in one day ….. and maybe I should not try to compare myself to Paris

The old woman

X-077 -1a

The gentleman with the sunglasses

X-066 -1aThe gentleman with the toque


The dogs

X-025 -1a



2 thoughts on “Street portraits # 4

  1. Not something I do so I’m probably not in a position to comment!
    I particularly like the chap with the sunglasses and the girl with the dogs. Both of these seem to have more of a ‘story’ element to them which holds the attention longer.
    Good luck with your ongoing quest of street portraiture 🙂


    1. Comments are always welcome …… Thats is what I like about street portrait, all these individuals do they say something on their photo as for what they are saying, it all depends on who is looking at the photo


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