Kayak – first HDR

HDR photos seemed something interesting. Although they do look “retouched”, they do have a nice composition and it’s something I wanted to try. So I jumped and like everything else your first time does not give you the results you were necessarily expecting. I went the easy way, one RAW file split in three and then amalgamated back together. It does give some interesting results but not what I was expecting. The light conditions do affect the final results of a HDR photo I guess, now I need to find the right amount of light when I take the shot to get good results at the end.

Saturday afternoon I went to the river to take some shots of what’s left of a late 1800 mill and then suddenly a kayaker comes to do some practice runs in a raging full of water spring river. For someone like me who loves to take sport photos, that was a candy on the cake. Unfortunately I did not have the right lens I was supposed to shoot a river and nature with wide angle but still, interesting to photograph this kayaker.

Kayak 1

Kayak 2

Kayak 3


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