Urban sculpture

Post-processing a photo is very interesting, it does give you a lot of options. I take all my photos in colors on my camera and switch those to black and white on my computer.  It’s really on the computer that I choose to keep my photo in color or go monochrome.

With this photo, my first intention was to make a full monochrome photo. Between the start and the final touch, I always “play” a little, trying different options, adding a little bit of this, removing a little bit of that, go back to square one, start again but this time with a different texture. The software offers so many options, you can be very creative. With one photo to start with you can have hundred of finished product. With this one as a test, I decided to see what would be the result if I added some blurred effect in the backgroung. Sometime the final result is not what I had in mind when I started working on it.

Urban sculpture



2 thoughts on “Urban sculpture

    1. Since I am new with photo and post-processing software, I first tried B/W only to make the woman sculpture really be the main subject and then I decided to add the blurred effect, then all colors and only the blurred effect. I thought the photo I posted was the best …….. but again it’s always a question of personnal choice


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