Street portraits # 3

This is my second attemps at street portraing. I made one step forward, now I see their face on my photos and not the back of their head. The problem is not taking the shot, the problem is feeling in your confort to take a good shot.

The woman


The bearded man


The flutist


 The woman



12 thoughts on “Street portraits # 3

    1. Thanks ……… street portrait is something that I like a lot but which I am the most uncomfortable to do ……… but I am working on it


    1. I have to say that I had to mentally prepared myself for that because it is really not in my confort zone but once you’ve taken a few photos, it does get easier


  1. Yup, lots of back-of-head street photography for me too 😉 but, a pleasing number of them work. It’s definitely a comfort zone thing, not wanting to be an in-your-face-with-a-camera person but I love the freeze frame effects that are to be had.


      1. no I won’t, too crowdy for photos and according to the weatherman it’s going to be a scorching heat day so I’ll stay cool


      2. Probably a good plan – I’d like to see the fireworks one year but we’re heading up Monday so, missed for another year. But you’re right – I probably wouldn’t appreciate the crowds.


    1. It’s something to be learn and get use to it. I am more confortable now in comparison to my first time but I still have some work to do to be confortable


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