Some colors

For those who know what Canadian winters are, it’s the time of year where it gets dirtier, it’s when Mother Nature take off her post card white coat and put a different one. Snow start to melt and months of humans and animals (mostly dogs) left over  are reappearing.

So in order to bring some colors in this grey winter end, here are some post-processed winter pictures. It is also my first attempts at playing with the colors on photos.

This is a try, I am not sure that I particularly like the results. In general I like to KIS (Keep It Simple) and too much post-process change on a photo is not my favorite. I much prefer my photos in B/W or  “untouched”, but …….. I really like what some photographers do in post-processing, maybe for me it’s a matter of working with the software. Since I am in the learning process with photography, sometime you need to jump in the river to really feel the water temperature, then you decide if you stay in or get out as fast as you got in so ………

Freezing rain


Little girl near “Maman”


Maple syrup



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