Women and men who served at rest

A Saturday afternoon stop at the Beechwood National Military Cemetery in Ottawa

They shall not stay nameless


Snow waves




Rows of men and women who served their country



4 thoughts on “Women and men who served at rest

  1. Military cemeteries are always incredibly moving but I’ve never seen one in the snow before. I imagine it adds an extra dimension to the silence and pattern of thought. From a photographic point of view it also appears to offer some interesting images laden with emotion.


    1. Actually it was my first time that I visited a cemetery during the winter season, the good thing it does offer some very beautiful image, the bad thing they do not plow the snow so sometime you have to walk in knee deep snow to get the view that you want


  2. The snow adds so much emotionally.

    It didn’t occur to me until I saw these photos that I hadn’t visited a cemetery on a snowy day.

    Poetic and moving. Thank you.


    1. Cemetery are not visited during winter time especially with the snow we get here, most of those are simply close but like you mentionned poetic and moving at the same time


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