Roller derby in Ottawa

Saturday night was the first occasion for me for a photo shoot at a fast pace sport event, a flat roller derby match with the Rideau Valley Roller Girls League. I thought that my 70-300 mm lens was probably too big for the job, it only took me a few shots to discover that this was true.

The other problem I faced, when they say that light is important in photography; it took all its sense there. The lighting at this local arena was clearly not designed for photographer, especially for a sport where you need a fast shutter speed. Result I had to boost the ISO very high and I lost in the quality of the pictures. Still it was fun to shoot and it is part of the learning process where you have to try and learn from different situations.

Here are a few shots.

The Sirens


No one pass


Colourful skates


The block is coming


The jammer and the pivot



Get up


All smile on the bench





# 10 doing a block






7 thoughts on “Roller derby in Ottawa

  1. I think they are great but I understand the lighting problem.
    I use mostly point and shots but almost always manually set everything including the white balance. Seems to help because auto white balance quite frankly lacks the shooter input and well it sucks. I learned this from other way-better-than-me bloggers.
    Back to the shots, they are a great mix of action and candid shots, good stuff!


    1. I do also set everything manually including the white balance. The problem with these photos was that I needed a shutter speed of at least 1/200 second or faster for the action but the fastest I could get was 1/125 at 4000 ISO (yes 4000) with the lens I had. So it was not ideal, but I guess it’s part of photography sometime having less than ideal conditions

      Thanks for stopping by


    1. I am going back next month and there are actually two spots for photographer who wants to shoot within the track, I will try it.


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