Street portraits #1

This my first try at capturing some portraits of complete strangers on the streets. I have to say I was not in my comfort zone. I felt a little intrusive trying to get into the bubble without asking. It’s not everyone that wants his or her picture to be taken on the street by a complete stranger. To be honest, if someone wants to take my picture on the street, I will wonder why.

I think that a good street caption is when you are able to catch someone at his/her natural or they get in your game and do something special for your photo, something they would not have done. I like the way George Brown does his.

Anyway the ice is broken, next time I’ll work on my stealth mode and try to get closer to the subjects.

The cyclist


The photographer


The jogger



4 thoughts on “Street portraits #1

    1. My cam is a Nikon D5100, the first photo was taken with my Nikon VR 18-55 mm lens and the last two were with my Nikon VR 70-300 mm. I take my photos in colors and then transferred in B/W in post-process. I find it easier that way rather than shooting in B/W with the cam.


      1. Digital cameras don’t do b&w very well as a rule, with a couple of exceptions. So I think you’re way is the best. You also have the advantage using color filters, which can change (dramatically or subtly) the way a b&w shot looks.
        DSLRs for street are kinda tough (been there, done that). Too big to be stealthy and it raises eyebrows when you’re pointing it at someone. I guess you already know that, tho 🙂


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