Ottawa’s Cenotaph day

I took two photo sessions at the Ottawa Cenotaph, one during day the other in the evening. These are the day photos. The evening photos can be found by clicking here. Even if you visited a location one time, go back under different light conditions and you will find a totally new environment for photo.

Angels and blue sky


Don’t look at me boy


Nurse call to arm


Maple Leaf forever


Frozen into time, witness to history

On Parliament Hill you can find a statue for every Canadian Prime Minister who is deceased and some builders of the Canadian history. Each of these tell a story.

The first two solitudes, Baldwin and Lafontaine

Baldwin -Lafontaine 1

Colonel By, Rideau Canal builder, watching his masterpiece

Colonel By 6a

 Sir Laurier watching Ottawa’s nightlife

Laurier 10-X


Diefenbaker 1


Borden 4-X