Sunset on a frozen lake

When the cold of the winter meet the light of the fading light of the sun, it gives this

An abandonned fishing schack waiting for the day to end

Plage hiver 4

When the rays of the sun embrace the frozen water


Some of the most beautiful colors that nature can offer

Plage hiver 8

Just a few minutes left before darknessPlage hiver 9


8 thoughts on “Sunset on a frozen lake

    1. here we have a short period where we can walk, skate or showsoe on lake safely. depending of the year you can be on lake from january to mid-march, this year we were lucky we had a cold november so in December we could be on lake. river are a little riskier


  1. Beautiful sunset Nelson. Thank you for visiting my blog and liking a post. I invite you to visit again soon and perhaps even follow. I welcome your comments as well! Best, Robyn


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