Different point of view – MacKenzie King

Everything is about the point of view. Here are three photos of the same object taken just a few seconds apart. I moved only a few feet between those shots.

MacKenzie King’s silhouette over Parliament Hill

A B/W contrejour photo. The sun was completly hidden behind the statue and I was able to catch that clear silhouette. I was surprise of the result since I am having difficulties with those contrejour photos.

King 5-X

MacKenzie King’s head

This picture was taken at the end of the afternoon, a few seconds after the previous one. The sun was quite low and stricking the statue almost at a perpendicular angle giving this yellowish finish to the bronze statue.

King 1

MacKenzie King under the sun


The calmness of a cemetery

When it is very cold outside (below -10 o Celsius)  I do not want to spend to much time in the artic air with my camera but sometime you got to do what you got to do. Usually crispy blue sky comes around with cold those time of the year. I chose a cold but sunny afternoon to visit to a local cemetery to take a few shots. With a good winter coat, a toque, a pair gloves, a few shots and here are the results.

A master draped with a blanket of snow on his final rest


Rays of sun

McClaren cem 9





The Wind shape things around here

McClaren cem 4

Typical long winter shadow of the end of the afternoon


Ottawa’s Cenotaph evening time

The cenotaph in Ottawa is located very much downtown within a stone’s throw of the parliament. Beautifully lighted at night, it was actually my first photo session. I went back to do a day session a few weeks later. These are the evening photos, day’s photos can be found by clicking here .

Tomb of the unknown soldier

Soir 036

Let’s go chums

Soir 023


Soir 027

Sailors served too

Soir 028